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Multi-Day Permits - Gain temporary (3 consecutive days) access to all open Glendaler's Winter Sports Club Prescribed Trails with your snowmobile, ATV and UTV. The permits are available online Only, "Buy, Print and Ride" from any computer with internet access and a printer.

    • Multi-day permits are available for purchase online and are not send out through the mail.
    • Buy your multi-day permit the same day of your trip or far in advance of the days you plan to ride - simply specify your chosen dates at time of purchase (consecutive days only)!
    • After you print out the permit, you must carry the permit with you while riding. The permit must also remain clear and legible in case you get checked on the trail. Because the permit is printed on paper with no adhesive backer, here are some suggested tips:
      • Put it in a clear plastic packing slip envelope from an office supply store, these have adhesive backs.
      • Place it in a ziplock bag.
3 Day Permit $60.00
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