The Glendaler's Winter Sports Club is an ATV and snowmobile Club located in the North and South Glengarry Townships, east of the city of Cornwall, Ontario. We are the largest ATV Club in Eastern Ontario! and a non-profit organization.


Our club was formed in 1969 to enable people to socialize and have fun while riding the trails. The sport of ATVing is enjoying a steady growth in our area with our Club members totaling 400+families (that is more than 600 machines) since the 2003-2004 season. Our Club organizes events to raise funds for local charities and organizations, such as our annual  “Snow-a-rama - Easter Seals Kids”, "Multiple Sclerosis Run", “Ride Against Crime”, as well as our "Poker Run", "Money Run" and new since 2008 "Torch Run" events.


We as Glendalers promote safe and responsible riding while being environmentally friendly as well, by closing a large part of the trail system when weather is too mild.  We have over 200 km of trails in total and about 50 km of which remains open year-round.  The year-round trail utilizes an old railway bed between Cornwall, Ontario and St. Telesphore, Quebec.  Generally we open the entire trail system when the ground is well frozen, which is usually between Mid-December to Mid-March (by doing this we limit the impact on our gracious landowners' properties).


Norm Seguin


Shawn Mclean

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Claudia Pare


Lynn Kalp


Denis L'Ecuyer

Trail Coordinator

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